We're proud to offer CinemaVision

Improved patient care is our priority. Because of this, we've teamed up with CinemaVision to offer an advanced audio and video system. The benefits of using this technology include:

  • MRI patient can watch DVD movie, cable TV, iPad video or listen to music
  • Reduce the need for child sedation during MRI
  • Help eliminate claustrophobia in MRI

Now patients can relax in a virtual comfort zone and enjoy favorite movies and musical entertainment during their MRI exams.  We care about patient comfort and are proud to offer a state-of-the-art MRI-compatible entertainment system to complement our state-of-the-art scanner.  Studies have shown that MRI entertainment can help soothe anxious patients and minimize the claustrophobia that can disrupt exams.  The result is often faster and more accurate exams and less time-consuming re-scans—leading to better and faster diagnoses. 

Our Cinemavision system delivers sharp, realistic audio-video entertainment from standard CDs, DVDs, video and television.  Patients can even bring along their favorite movie.  Help your patients enjoy a dramatically better scanning experience by encouraging them to schedule with us today.