Can anyone accompany a patient in the MRI exam room?

Yes, for MRI exams of pediatric, physically challenged or senior patients may be accompanied by a parent or support person during the actual testing. Any person accompanying a patient will be screened before entering the MR suite.

How long do exams last?

MRI exams typically last about 30-45 minutes, CT exams can take approximately 15-45 minutes depending on the type of scan.

Do I need to come in early to fill out any paperwork?

YES, any patient scheduled for a MRI and/ or CT exam will be screened by a nurse or technologist prior to entering MRI/ CT Suite.  Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled exam time to complete the screening process.

Will I need someone to drive me home after the exam?   

No, if the type of scan being performed on you requires you to have a driver, you will be notified before coming to the center.

Do you only accept specific Insurance Providers?

We are contracted or affiliated with most insurance companies including Medicare and Medicaid.