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MRI Exams

The benefits of magnetic resonance imaging are vast and new applications are continually being developed through ongoing research. MRI imaging is used for virtually all parts of the body. It is the primary imaging modality for evaluation of diseases of the brain and spine.

CT Exams

CT, or Computerized Tomography, is actually an x-ray procedure which is enhanced by a special computer. The result is a 2 and 3-dimensional view of a “slice” of your body.

X Rays

Diagnostic x-ray exams are photographic or digital images of the internal composition of something, especially a part of the body, produced by X-rays being passed through it and being absorbed to different degrees by different materials. 

All radiograph exams are performed by ARRT registered radiologic technologist and interpreted by Board Certified Radiologist.


Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Computed Tomography (CT) scans are both standard imaging tools that physicians use to pinpoint disease states in the body. A PET scan demonstrates how organs and tissues are functioning at a very early stage in a disease, often before structural changes take place. The CT scan provides information about the body's anatomy, such as size, shape and location. By combining these two scanning technologies, a PET/CT scan enables physicians to more accurately diagnose and identify cancer, heart disease and brain disorders.