X Rays

X-Ray at Open Air MRI of Central LouisianaX-Rays are used in diagnostic Radiology to determine abnormalities or injuries of the skeletal system. X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation used to view internal structures of the human body.  Most experts believe X-rays are low risk and are largely outweighed by the benefits of information gained from appropriate imaging. X-rays are monitored and regulated to provide the minimum amount of radiation exposure needed to produce the image. All radiograph exams are performed by ARRT registered radiologic technologist and interpreted by Board Certified Radiologist.

There is no discomfort from X-ray exposure. Patients will be asked to hold certain positions or hold their breath for a short period of time while the X-ray image is acquired.  X-ray exams at our facility do not require special preparations.  However, Female patients should inform the health care provider if they are pregnant or suspect pregnancy prior to an x-ray exam.

No appointment is necessary.  All that is required is a signed physician’s order. Patients must present their picture I.D. and insurance card/form of payment with each visit to our facility.