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Continually improving patient care is our priority. Because of this, weve teamed up with CinemaVision to offer an advanced audio and video system. The benefits of using this technology include:

- Allows MRI patients to watch DVD movies, cable TV or iPad video, or listen to music instead;

- Reduces the need for child sedation during MRI exams;

- Helps to eliminate anxiety and claustrophobia for most MRI patients.

Now patients can relax in a virtual comfort zone and enjoy favorite movies and musical entertainment during their MRI exams.

- X-Rays are used in diagnostic radiology to determine abnormalities or injuries of the skeletal system.

 - X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation used to view internal structures of the human body.

- X-rays are monitored and regulated to provide the minimum amount of radiation exposure needed to produce the image. 

- All radiograph exams are performed by an ARRT registered radiologic technologist and interpreted by a Board Certified Radiologist.

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Have you ever wondered what a CT Scan is? 

A Computed Tomography Scan or “CT Scan” is an x-ray that rotates around your body. It then uses an algorithm that puts the x-ray images  into place to create a 3D image. 

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It is not open air if you go through a tube.

VA Choice Program

The Choice program allows veterans to see private doctors if they are experiencing long wait-times in getting their health care needs addressed. 

💥This also allows veterans to schedule their imaging needs at a facility of their choice.💥

Since Congress passed legislation creating the Veterans Choice Program more than a million veterans have made seven million appointments with hundreds of thousands of healthcare providers in their own communities. 

We’re happy to help with all your imaging needs here at Open Air MRI.

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